Dental essense「rupika」

Dental essense「rupika」

No synthetic coloring/No synthetic fragrances/No sulfates/No abrasives/Paraben -free


The future of beauty begins with the mouth

Achieve high-performance oral treatments with”rupika”. Unresolved skin concerns causing stress? Neglected oral debris and bacteria may be the root cause. Mouth bacteria can circulate, impacting overall well-being.

Prioritize oral health for radiant beauty. Brushing your teeth=beauty care!

With “rupika”, you can enhance your natural beauty simply by brushing your teeth-a cutting-edge oral treatment.


1.Dr. rupika’s unique nano capsules are one of a kind.

With high-quality beauty ingredients such as glutathione, gold colloid, thujone extract, and merillote extract, Dr. rupika’s nano capsules deliver a superior product with promising results

2.”rupika” combats gum thinning to slow early signs of aging.

The high concentration of “osmanthus extract”, “osmanthus root extract” and “hinokitiol” in “rupika” ensures protection from oral bacteria, combating early onset of aging starts with your oral health.

3.Containing 95.84% beauty ingredients selected for optimal results, “rupika” is the catalyst for the harmonious blend of oriental and western medicine.

The most effective traditional eastern and western plant extracts used in “rupika” promise users a safe product for daily use. Stress-free and trustworthy application and results are commitments “rupika” conveys to its users.


Aoyama Takahashi Orthodontic Hospital

Dr.Yasuyo Mikami, President

Discover “rupika,” a revolutionary dental beauty serum that redefines beauty and health. Experience the power of glowing skin and a beautiful smile, leading you to a joyful and fulfilling life.

We hope that “rupika” will be the catalyst for a life filled with overflowing smiles and beauty.

Dental essense「rupika」

No synthetic coloring/No synthetic fragrances/No sulfates/No abrasives/Paraben -free

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